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As an artist, it is my job to bring out your best you - whatever that may be. Through effectively communicating the art of makeup, skin, and lifestyle; we will achieve absolute perfection. That is my promise to you.





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Beauty that radiates from the inside out. Create perfection of your dreams with a custom service that will have you glowing from head to toe.


Relax and enjoy luxurious products and sublime results. Flawless enhancement made just for you. Beautiful makeup for every occasion.


The art and science of makeup for yourself or others. Empower your beauty knowledge with tips and techniques from the best in the business.



Pamela's beauty journey started naturally. Constantly struggling with acne and sensitive skin, personal discomfort sparked research where she discovered the power to achieve a healthy complexion. Focusing on natural skincare that contains healthy, not harmful ingredients and exotic sources for skin nutrition was the answer.  After attending the AVEDA Institute, the development of Fine Fettle, our very own line of  face, body, and spa grade exfoliation products was a necessary answer to perfect the skin through exceptional additives, unparalleled service, and expert knowledge.

The theatre was Pamela's first love and the main inspiration for her artistry career. Pamela specializes in all forms of media makeup, sfx artistry and character design.  Her passion for fueling those around her led Pamela to instruct for luxury brands, beauty academys, and university students alike. A true highlight of her career, Pamela enjoys training and instructing artists, performers, and everyday women and men. 


Pamela resides in Atlanta, GA with her adorable son, Titus and wonderful dog, Zane. She invests her time in local organizations to promote positive self esteem, health/ wellness, and social activism. She enjoys helping the beauty concerns of every day people, brides, corporations,  models/actors and performance artists.

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